How Realtors Can Grow Their Business With Facebook Ads 

Did you know the average adult spends 45+ minutes per day on Facebook?

They log in 6 - 8 times per day and they scroll through about 300 feet worth of content. 

It's no doubt buyers and selleres are on Facebook. But how do we cut throug the noise, market our listings, and position ourselves as the "go to" local market expert? 

Join us for a 1 hour masterclass and learn how to market on Facebook and generate qualfied buyer leads like a pro!

Here's what we're going to cover: 

✅ Why Facebook Lead Ads work better than other types of ads on Facebook

✅ How to setup your targeting (what to include/not include)

✅ Identifying the right homeowner intent

✅ What images you should be using in your ads

✅ Optimizing your ads for quality

✅ How to develop a follow up strategy that converts

... and more!

About Your Presenter

Ricardo Bueno is a 10+ year veteran of the real estate industry and previously the National Trainer at W+R Studios, the makers of Cloud CMA. 

Ricardo Bueno Marketing Technology Director, WEST