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How To Spike Your Repeat & Referral Business in 2019

As salespeople, one of the primary reasons you lose a deal is because of a lack of follow up. That goes for real estate professionals, too. 

We lose opportunities to generate new referral and repeat business because after a transaction closes, we move on to the next one and forget to implement an effective "keep in touch" strategy. 

That's what we're going to cover in this on-demand webinar ... How to generate more repeat and referral business in 2020 using: 

✅ Email Marketing: What and how often should you email your past client database?

✅ Direct Mail: How should you design your postcards, and what should you send? 

✅ Client Appreciation Events: How often should you host these and where?

✅ Homebot: Homebot positions you as the home value expert by putting automated home values to work for you – not against you. 

Join us for our one hour deep dive and learn how you can drive your repeat and referral business in 2019! 

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About Your Presenters

Ricardo Bueno Marketing Technology Director, WEST 

Ricardo Bueno is a 10-year veteran of the real estate industry where he's coached thousands of real estate agents and brokers on how to successfully implement marketing strategies and technology into their business to boost their productivity. 

He understands the power of content strategy and online marketing, but more importantly, how it is effectively and practically implemented in every day business. 

Ricardo Bueno is by far, one of THE best real estate trainers in the business! He gave our agents a wealth of information on dozens of ways to increase their business. Our agents were absolutely thrilled and anxious to have him back. 

On-Demand Webinar