Real Estate Blog Topics

Maintaining a website is a lot like maintaining a home. Every week, you have to mow the lawn and occassionally, you need to trim the hedges. Otherwise, things become overgrown and messy looking. 

A few times a year you might plant flowers and re-seed the lawn. If you don’t do any of those things the landscaping becomes overgrown and well, it doesn’t look very appealing, to say the least.  

What happens then?  

Site visitors click away in search of another, reliable source of information. A place that’s neatly maintained and is a constant source of valuable information.  

How do you turn things around?  

What do you need to attract and engage site visitors so they’ll spend more time looking at homes and considering hiring your as their real estate agent?  

Introducing Real Estate Blog Topics.  

What's inside:

  • 130+ pages that delivers a systematic approach to building a real estate blog and dominating your local market
  • Copy-paste headline templates for writing content that attracts & converts
  • Learn how to hire/recuirt local writers 
  • Follow up scripts to help you convert online leads
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“Ricardo is one of the most grounded, no-nonsense marketing and technology teachers in the industry. He makes you feel like he's been in your shoes, because he has. Ricardo's patience, understanding and experience i the exact environment that today's professional needs to get up to speed without becoming overwhelmed. I highly recommend Ricardo if you're ooking to take your online strategy to the next level!”  

Scott Schang

Branch Managger / Broadview Mortgage

“Ricardo has continued to be a constant resource for me whether it was website development utilizing WordPress, creating quality content to increase my target audience, enhancing my lead generation techniques or improving the user experience of my website. I don't know too many people that I can just pick up the phone and call for advice and feedback with his expertise, but Ricardo has always been there for me giving up his time and energy to help.”  

Angelo Davis

REALTOR® / RE/MAX North-San Antonio


How soon can I access/download the ebook? 

You'll receive an email with a charge description for your records and a link to download the ebook instantly. So you can dive in right away!

What format is it in?

Currently, PDF. (The plan is to edit it for epub and .mobi versions). 

What if I hate it?  

Well, hate's a strong word ... But hey, things happen. If you're unhappy with your purchase just reply to your purchase receipt email within 30 days and I will issue a refund. 

Where can I learn more about you?  

I've written tons of content at